Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not Keeping Up....

Well, it's several months since I made an entry here, isn't it? I've been spending all my time on Flickr, which meets all my online community needs, really. Still, on the off-chance that someone I know occasionally visits this blog, I'm just acknowledging it's existence. I will take some time to make fresh entries again in future. Honest!


Blogger alex said...

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Anonymous Kiyoshi Fujioka said...

I'm Kiyoshi Fujioka, a Japanese playwright and a director.

I have a friendship with Ms. Susan Andrews and her daughters.

And a few years ago, she gave me URL of Marisol's wedding party/celemony. *That's why I know of this blog.

But unfortunatelly I've lost any crue to contact Susan.
Susan might already guit Credit Suiss.

So if you know her e-mail address or real address or phone number, would you tell anything to me via e-mail? Of course, you will ask her about who Kiyoshi Fujioka is. Then hopefully she will give you a permission.

Anyway, my family and I would like to hold the good friendship and relationship with her(Ms. Susan Andrews) and her family.

Best regards,
Kiyoshi Fujioka

My e-mail address:

4:12 am  

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