Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Tarn in August

Been back from our French sojourn a couple of weeks now (my how time flies).

The holiday was great if brief. Driving the new car in France was (mostly) a treat, though it (France) seems to have a developing traffic congestion problem reminiscent of England in the 60s. This particularly applies to the A roads, which flow freely between market towns, but then grind to a halt for a couple of miles either side of town as all the traffic queues to get through the single set of traffic lights in the centre of the market square where all roads meet. I can see them lobbying for bypasses and ring-roads soon.

The Tarn area was fascinating. Rural but with lots of interesting little towns, unusual bits of geography (gorges, rivers, rocky outcropping (The Sidobre) and small mountains). We ate well (surprise) and visited lots of places, including Carcassonne, Albi, Gaillac, the Roquefort cheese mines (well, the caves in the limestone scarp where the roquefort penicillin is found, and the cheeses are matured), and the Bastide towns (fortified medieval hill-top villages).

I'll post some pictures after this, having taken 'a few' on my fabby new Nikon D70 digital camera (woo-hoo!).


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