Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Good News

After the sad news at the start of the week, there was much to remind us that life goes on.

Not only was it good to see Judith's brother Bruce again, and to be so well received by him after a break in contact of some years, but we also enjoyed vicarious pleasures courtesy of Laura.

She had the final part of her Finals exams this week - her viva. It sounds as though this went very well, with the interviewers starting the discussion by telling her that she had already scored very high marks for her dissertation, which was the subject of the viva! And as Laura was keen to remind herself, she's the world expert on her own dissertation!

Having finished the formal part of her undergraduate education, her first priority was to have her "official" birthday, some weeks after her actual birthday, which fell in the midst of exams. As is the form in Cambridge, she had organised a "formal hall", which means reserving the Clare College dining hall for a special, fully catered dinner for all her friends.

She was late arriving (as usual) and suffering high anxiety, due to the fact that she had invited several different and till now completely separate, groups of friends. However, all turned out well, and a good time was reportedly had by all.

The next day she and friends went for a day at the beach (Holken Bay on the North Sea coast), and had a loverly time by her account.

It's also "Bumps" this week, and her fella Phin is taking part, so she has spent some time roaming the banks of the Cam shouting encouragement. Latest reports suggest her encouragement has been ineffectual.

Further parties, dinners (including an Anti-Bumps Dinner for the non-boaties) beckon, but she hopes to actually get some sleep ahead of the May Ball next Tuesday.

Unlike some of the other departments, it appears that hers does not release the results until 2 or 3 days before graduation day, so we have to wait till the last minute before finding out if she has done enough to gain the funding she needs for her MPhil. However, we are quietly confident.....

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